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Morgan Neilon, PMHNP-BC

620 Erie Boulevard West, Suite 204

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After hours Care

I am available in case of emergencies 24 hours a day at the emergency number.  However, emergent situations are those in which the patient is in danger of harming themselves or others, or those in which the patient is having a severe medication reaction.  In these situations the patient is to call 911 and be handled by emergency personnel. Unless it is an emergency telephone calls to the provider may result in a charge if the call is longer than 15 minutes, at a prorated rate based on rates provided in the Billing/Insurance section. 

Please contact Morgan Neilon @

(315) 572-0802 (cell) TEXT - BEST WAY

- I can than contact you back or

(315) 445-1200 and if needed leave a detailed message. 

or email at -

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